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Don't You Understaqnd Japanese Auction Sheet?

Japanese Used Cars Auction Sheet (description and its translation)

Auction Sheet of the vehicle to be sold at the Japanese Auction Houses is VERY IMPORTANT and the CRUCIAL POINT while making a decision on purchase of pre-owned/used vehicles from Japan. Each auction House has its own Auction Sheet however; almost all types of auction sheets contain enough information to make a right decision on purchase of vehicles. All Auction houses in Japan can be divided into three major Auction Houses: USS Auction Houses (Used Car System Solution) i-Auc Auction Houses (JU, TAA, CAA, IAA, LAA, SAA, KCAA, Hanaten, ARAI) other (SMAP Nuysatsu, Honda, Bayauc, BCN) Auction Sheets of Honda, Bayauc and BCN Auction Houses are not available for an open access unless you have a unique access (can be acquired from the official Japanese Car Dealer) with access code and password. Below is a sample of USS auction sheet

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